How To Backup iPhone

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Backing up your iPhone refers to getting a copy of the information on your phone that is to be used when it gets damaged, lost or replaced. iPhones have made it possible for its users to walk with their valued data such as academic health and other important documents such as bills in their pockets. The main drawback to having your data in your phone is that you can easily lose them. These data need to be taken good care of. Backing up your phone secures your precious data in case the device gets lost. your iPhone gets damaged and also when you want to upgrade your iPhone. iPhone has got a variety of ways to back up your data. iPhone has got two default back up features: iCloud and iTunes. You can also backup your information using other online means such as google drive, Amazon cloud drive, Microsoft One cloud, Dropbox and many more. In this article, i will major on the steps and requirements to have your data backed up using the default apps (iCloud and iTunes).

Backing up iPhone using iCloud

iCloud backs up your data and stores a copy of them in the clouds. It is a reliable backup method since you can access your backed up data at any time and at any place as long as you have an internet connection. iCloudoffers 5Gbs space for free back up. To get more space you are required to pay a monthly fee. For 50Gb you will pay 0.99 dollars per month, 200Gb you will pay 2.99 dollars and 9.99 dollars per month for 1Tb. You have to turn on this feature to have your data backed up. Below is a step to step guide to turn on iCloud and have your data secured.
1. Connect your devices to a wifi network.
2. Open settings and tap on iCloud and then Backup.
3. Turn on iCloud backup.
4. Tap on Back up now.
5. After backing up is complete you can confirm whether it was successful or not. To do this, Tap on Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage storage and select your device. Here you will see the detail on your last back up.
After enabling iCloud your data will be automatically backed up whenever your device connects to wifi.

Backing up your iPhone using iTunes

iTunes enables you to store a copy of the information on your phone in a computer. iTunes facilitates communication between iPhone and the computer either using USB cord or wifi. iTunes does not limit your backing up space since all the backed data will be stored on your computer. Below is a step to step guide to backup the information on your iPhone using iTunes.
1. Download and install iTunes on your computer.
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cord or wifi network.
3. In the summary page click on Files > Devices > Backup now.
4. If data has been successfully backed up you will see a success message on the summary page.

After the first set up iTune will be backing your data automatically whenever you connect your devices gets connected.

To recover data from your computer you must have physical access to the computer for you to access the backup files.


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