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Do you need an iPhone Screen Repair, a Charging Port Repair a Water Damage Repair or a Battery Replacement? No problem because we have over 10 years of experience repairing all types of iPhones, from the oldest to the latest model available today.

Repair My IPhone Now

The Best iphone repair Center in arlington va

At iTouch Repair we only use components of the highest quality, so we guarantee a job done to perfection with spare parts that ensure a seamless repair.

For every fix performed in one of our centers we will issue an exclusive lifetime warranty for the replacement of the screen and all other interventions.

Every part of your iPhone will be checked. During the replacement of the broken LCD and the damaged battery, we sanitize the casing and the screens with extreme care so that they regain their perfect functionality and aesthetic beauty.

Technical analysis

Bring your broken iPhone by one of our iTouch Repair Stores for a quick and convenient iPhone repair. Our experienced techs will take the time needed to diagnose and fix the cracked screens, power issues and more.

Prior to each checkup, an iPhone expert conducts a meticulous examination of the phone and after a thorough evaluation, it is subjected to numerous tests to determine exactly what measures are necessary to ensure that the iPhone once again meets stringent performance requirements.