iPhone 7 Rumors

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The iPhone 7 manufacturers are up to something…Here’s what we know! When it comes to technology, advancement and high-quality products. Apple’s model has become a monster.

All the while we have been looking forward to the newest, this also sparks the question of whether or not the company may be onto something totally different. Consistency, trademark and favorable results are goals Apple is definitely striving for…but could they be taking their idea in a different direction? Let’s take a closer look at the rumors regarding this accessory in the comprehensive guide below.

This is what we could be looking at while waiting for Apple’s latest invention:

The iPhone 7

Although it is a convenient and mostly expected name, with epithets like 5111Plus’ and perhaps even 5111Pro’ following up on the brand, it looks as though the tides are turning. As researchers in the field managed to find, the latest device could bear the name 6SE in honor of its predecessor.

Brace yourselves, the time for the latest model is still not up for discussion.

The Outlook

Speaking of design, there are multiple aspects the company might take into consideration. Even though all of Apple’s products look relatively the same, only perfected in certain areas, the new phone could be a showstopper.

As per reports, it is expected the new miracle technology to come looking one-millimeter thinner, but that points to another aspect: Losing the recognizable and practical headphone jack. As such, the design will now take on the previous 3.5mm Ear pods with a converter. Now, what would Steve Jobs do?

The Functions

To many customers’ displeasure, it has been recently reported that the new model could lose its Home button, which will not
only omit its clicking option but will be allImelted’ along with the other gadget’s specifications.

According to various leaks posted on the internet, this is not the only thing happening right now. In fact, there might be a hint of an
upgrade in the making, but none of it has been officially confirmed.

Although the Pro will tend to look like the upgrade, its lenses will resemble those of the LG’s G5. When it comes to cameras, we are all well-aware that people can be quite picky now, can’t they? For this reason, the manufactureres have strived to ensure that the camera is great.

Furthermore, numerous websites closely inspecting Apple’s every move, state there might be room for two models, with the Plus version obtaining a more improved dual-lens camera.

The Endurance

Last but not least of all speculations is the one suggesting that it could come waterproof and resilient to impact. Should this happen, meaning Apple creating a fully waterproof phone, the Android generation will have big shoes to fill in once this happens.

As far as other details are concerned, there are theories that the phone will also come with ARM-inspired A10 processor performing with a 2.4GHZ stimulation and a boosted RAM to create a perfect dual-lens experience without losing quality whatsoever.

Now, that’s how you get people to listen! How excited are you for the latest iPhone 7 to hit the market?


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