Why You Shouldn’t Try to Repair a Broken iPhone 8 Back Glass Yourself!

Smartphone technology had come a long way since 1992 when the market introduced the first set of smartphone devices in the market. We can’t deny that iPhones have revolutionized the smartphone industry as soon as they hit the market back in 2007. As long as you’re carrying an iPhone, you are making a statement.


Having a luxurious phone has its own set of disadvantages as well, doesn’t it? The main concern arises as soon as you encounter a problem on your phone. Within a split of a second, you can drop the phone on the ground—BAMMM! You just broke the back glass of your iPhone 8. Holding a broken iPhone doesn’t look or feel cool for sure. So, now what?


Here are some of the common fixes for a broken iPhone 8 back glass:

  • Installing an auto back glass separator. This technique is quite useful, and it allows you to separate the back glass of your iPhone without any additional damage to the phone. This process requires you to use an air compressor with the device. This air compressor acts as a separating machine in this case.
  • Using an ultrasonic cleaner. This step involves soaking of the iPhone (back glass or back sided) in the ultrasonic cleaner. Followed by the removal of the broken glass with a pry sheet.
  • With the help of a mini electric grinder and knife. This process involves the use of a mini grinder and a sharp knife to separate the affected back glass from the phone.

All said and done; it is indeed risky to attempt this repair by doing it yourself which calls for an expert technical support center. Although this kind of repair may be a little on the expensive side, it is because of the engineering mechanism of the device, for it has a hole underneath the back-glass sheet to accommodate a wireless charging coil.


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