Why Replacing Your iPhone Battery is a Great Idea?

Are you using your iPhone too much? Are there a lot of apps and games downloaded on your device? Is the performance of the phone not up to the mark? Is your iPhone draining too fast and too often?

A smartphone may have several repercussions based on usage patterns. The device errors may be system generated or impressed upon by the user. Have you been encountering an issue where the device doesn’t get charged fully, even after you charge it for a long duration? You’ve closed all the apps running in the background and switched off and restarted the device, but it is of no use. These may be good indications that the phone’s battery needs a replacement.

Is Replacing your iPhone Battery a good idea?

iPhones are trending and crowd favorite since their launch back in 2007. Even though the majority of iPhone users have an inclination towards upgrading their phones to the latest versions, using the older versions of the phone has also not lost its charm to a significant chunk of iPhone users. Keeping a phone for a longer duration has its own set of mix-ups. Several internal and external factors can cause damage to the battery of an iPhone.

  • If the iPhone is getting overheated due to a lot of apps and games installed in it, it indicates the battery is overused.
  • Are you aware that extremely cold weather kills batteries?
  • Sometimes there are instances where an iPhone experienced a battery drain out issue after an iOS upgrade causing the iPhone to slow down its performance and also causes the phone to heat up faster.

At iTouch Repair we are professional iPhone repair specialists  aware of the battery functionality issues that can hinder the overall performance of the phone. A quick repair and replacement of the battery can help restore the performance of the phone which won’t cost you an arm and a leg and will increase the life of your iPhone significantly.

iPhone battery issues can be easily handled by just getting the battery replaced for only $30. Moreover, replacing the battery of an iPhone can be done in only 15 minutes! Sounds like music to your ears, right?  

If you are experiencing these issues, what are you waiting for? visit us today! Alternatively, book your battery replacement  on- the-go, we come to you!