What To Do When Your Cell Phone Screen Cracks?

Yes, what will you do when your cell phone screen cracks? Don’t panic. First of all let’s understand that when the screen of your phone cracks, it calls for immediate cell phone repair. But it is still not a matter to be alarmed about because it is just the screen and not the inner display which a lot of people confuse it with. You need to understand that the inner unit of the phone that actually contains the liquid crystal display is safe and only the screen which is made of protective glass has broken. It can still be repaired and that too without any ripples or bubbles as most of us fear.

However, when you see the actual display breaking, you will know. The pixels will bleed and the entire or a part of the display will stop working completely. In that case, your expenses might be just a tad bit overwhelming.

Now getting back to the question of what you should do when you end up cracking the screen of your device; let’s begin by taking a deep breath first. What’s done is done and now you need to assess the damage. Look carefully at how deep and wide the crack is. If the screen is still in place, and the crack doesn’t show much in daylight it shouldn’t really interfere with your daily use and work. If the crack is right in the middle and/or interferes with the touch of the screen as well, then you should consider going to the nearest cell phone repair shop.

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Should You Go For Certified Duplicates?

Yes, there are certain replacements that you can easily find online or in the market with your local cell phone repair guys that are as good and functional as the original parts except for one or two glitches. For example, if you go for a certified duplicate replacement screen for your iPhone or any high-end Samsung device, you may be able to find the right fit but it may not be the same Asahi Dragontrail or Gorilla Glass as they advertise or the popular 2D curved glass as most top end phones have these days. The touch might be similar but the overall experience might differ. But the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to pay a truckload of money for such a replacement.


Original Parts With Certified Cell Phone Repair Professionals

These are a little more expensive but they far from break the bank. If you are looking for a viable and very much identical replacement, then you can pick an original replacement product by paying just a little more. Note that these products and spare parts may not come with the original labeling of the big brands but that doesn’t mean there are any less authentic. The lack of labels and brands is what makes them super affordable as compared to what you will get in a branded showroom or with any of the big names such as Apple or Samsung. So now it is up to you what to do after your cell phone screen cracks.