Water Damage Diagnostic Services

Water doesn’t mix well with electronics, which is why it is advised to keep your electronics away from liquids or vice versa. However, an accident can happen, and one thing would lead to another.

In this case, you don’t have to be worried and get rid of the phone. You can still revive your hopes by taking the device to a phone repair expert.

Some phones, however, are water-resistant, but to some degree. For instance, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, or 8 are impervious up to 1 meter and 30 minutes. Some Samsung S series and Sony Xperia X series are also impervious to some degree.

So you might be lucky if the phone drops in the bathtub or the kitchen sink. Nonetheless, it can still be water-damage vulnerable at some point. If liquid damages your phone, you will need to take it to an expert to carry out the liquid damage diagnostic.

When the liquid gets in contact with your mobile device, you can try out some tips to help lessen the damage. You can start by turning off the device if it is still on. Even when the device is still working, you must switch it off if it fell in any liquid.

The liquid inside the phone can short-circuit the phone and even damage it completely. If the phone comes with a removable battery, you should remove it as soon as the phone is off. You can then try to reduce the amount of water on the phone. For instance, put the phone in a rice of bag for the rice to suck out the liquid.

Water Damage Diagnostic by Experts

Even when you try out the easy remedies to suck out the liquid from the device, it doesn’t make it 100% safe to use it. The final step is to take it to a reputable phone repair. iTouch Repair is one of the reliable phone repairs in Arlington, VA. If you have a phone that is water-damaged, we are here to solve it for you.

We use innovative technology to dry your phone without losing your data. Our drying technology helps to protect the surface, and it will not cause any cosmetic damage to your device.

We will not have to dismantle your phone in any way – so we will keep it in one piece throughout the drying process. The technology is high-tech, and it will keep your device at low temperature as it dries it. Furthermore, we don’t use chemicals to dry your phone, which means that your phone will not be damaged.

Our water damage diagnostic services are delivered on the same day, and you will wait for a short while as we fix it for you. Also, we offer you a guarantee that your phone would work perfectly without experiencing any short circuit or moisture inside the screen. Whatever questions you have about liquid damage, we will help you with them accordingly.

iTouch Repair understands the relevance of a mobile phone, which is why we will help solve the water damage issue in the shortest time and also at a friendly price. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can save your phone from further damage when it falls in any liquid.