Trusted iPhone Repair Shop in Arlington Virginia

trusted repair shop in arlington va itouch

Are you feeling baffled holding a cracked iPhone that you’d cherished since long? Does the fear of getting trapped in the web of mobile repair stores run chills down your spine?

Do you know that fixing cracked iPhone screens is a $4 bn industry in USA alone? This can easily give you an idea of why there exists a huge fake cell phone repair segment if not to make a great sum while in business.

Given the abundance of iPhone repair shops in the USA, there remains an atmosphere of dismay, for a majority of such repair shops use the LCD screens of other broken iPhones to fix the iPhone sent for repairs.

It is a common practice followed across the iPhone ‘aftermarket’ segment. This situation brings about a state of obscurity amongst the iPhone user segment which can be restored by the attainment of knowledge on how to distinguish fake from real.

How to recognize a genuine LCD iPhone screen from a fake?

1. LCD black are color difference: The color of an original and good quality iPhone LCD screen is usually dark and contrasting when compared to an unreal one.

Electronic device repairing at iTouch
Electronic device repairing at iTouch

2. The iPhone refraction pattern test: What best a place to test the authenticity of an LCD screen than an iPhone store.

When the flashlight of one iPhone is directed towards another (placed flat on a surface), the real LCD screen tends to refract the rays falling on its surface in a certain pattern.

3. The iPhone logo check: When it is a copy of the original, the iPhone logo check can be another important step to determine the authenticity of the phone.

It easily helps differentiate a fake from a real one (for a missing logo is all one has to locate on the screen).

4. Absence of function sheet in NON-OEM products: A copy of an original iPhone LCD screen, usually, lacks the critical function sheet details otherwise engraved in OEM products.

iPhone Repair in Arlington VA

Arlington County in Virginia is considered one of the best cities in the United States. With a dominance of a tech-savvy crowd, there are several trustworthy iPhone repair stores in Arlington, VA.

As a massive population in this city uses iPhone and related products (iPads etc.), one can easily locate an iPhone repair unit that includes high-quality aftermarket segment as well.

iTouch Repair, one such Smartphone repair outlet in Arlington that specializes in not only a myriad of iPhone models but also has an efficient team fixing software issues in other mobile devices (android OS per se!).

Smartphone Repair in Arlington, VA

If there is a problem, one has already devised a solution (s) for the same. Can we apply this logic to iPhone’s cracked screen problem? Hell, yeah! The answer is iTouch Repair.

Expert technicians repairing a water damage IPhone
Expert technicians repairing a water damage IPhone

iTouch a reputed cell phone repair store in Arlington, VA deals with such panic-stricken iPhone user with ease and comfort, for they have the best in-house technicians in business.

Why is repairing a broken iPhone screen critical?

cell phone repair location itouch
iTouch Repair, Arlington VA, front entrance

Repairing a broken iPhone screen doesn’t really correspond to the replacement of its glass.

The digitizers on the screen if damaged deprives the user with the basic feature functionality like swiping, typing and other click-related stuffs on the phone.

A good iPhone Repair store in Arlington, VA like iTouch Repair is attentive of this function and ensures its effective retrieval.

A reliable iPhone screen repair unit in this city, iTouch (in this case), offers its clients with complete solution to their broken iPhone screens without a doubt.

As of the 2017, they have already showcased their expertise in this zone by solving more than 12,000 tickets.

Depending on the complexity of a case, the turn-around-time may differ (a few hours per se) with a high-quality output ratio. iTouch has successfully repaired 9,000 plus iPhones (as of 2017) and thus gives the user with enough reasons to choose us over others.

Looking for a reliable iPhone repair unit, book your appointment now.