The Right iPhone Repair At Home As Per A Professional In Arlington

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If you own an iPhone, especially a model that is older than the iPhone 7, you might be facing certain problems with the device. Let’s have a look at some of the most common issues that you might face with it and their solutions.


Screen Freezing

Yes, that happens quite often in old iPhone’s or particularly in iPhone 6 and 6s and if you are facing the same problem of your screen freezing randomly on separate apps, you are not alone. This might happen if you have gotten your screen or the screen digitizer replaced.



The right way to go about it as advised by any iPhone screen repair professional in Arlington is to factory reset your phone. But before you do that make sure to backup all your phone data and contacts on another device. The next step would be to check the connection between the display assembly and the motherboard. Obviously if you are not skilled or equipped to perform this task you should get in touch with reputable iPhone repair company in the City.


Touch Screen Not Working

This is another problem that a lot of iPhone users complain about and it happens quite often when they are using apps such as face-time for playing certain high resolution games. The touchscreen just fails to respond under their fingers and it can be very annoying.



The solution to this problem is also somewhat similar to the one described above. Except that this time you will also have to check for RAM management and the amount of free space available on your device. Since iPhone’s don’t support expandable storage you might face this problem quite frequently.


Battery Drain

The iPhone’s of the past were not known for their exceptional battery life. It’s quite a common sight to see an iPhone user carrying a power bank with them. However, if you face a similar problem with a new device it could be due to any reason such as a faulty battery or too many tasks running in the background or a faulty motherboard.



The only appropriate solution for it is to get your device checked. If it is under warranty and if you have paid for Apple cover, it is better to enquire about it from the brand store itself. If not, you can always count on an independent reliable iPhone repair professional in the City.



Long story short, if you really want to make sure that your iPhone’s and other iOS devices are error free and don’t hang or cause you any troubles, the right approach is to find a reputable iPhone repair company in the City.