Should I Repair or Replace my Phone?

“Giving my phone to a repair center is quite unnerving at times. Of all risks, to find out that an expensive phone which was working well some time ago has been returned with one flaw or the other. But getting the phone repaired by myself is again another risk up my sleeves. How can I just pick up a screwdriver and start unscrewing the phone part-by-part when the function of the parts is still not clear to me?”

Everyone has been there, done that. This dilemma is a common thought clouding the mind of any person who is too worried about taking a chance at getting their phone repaired. Not only there is a risk of losing important data but also the stress of paying too much.

As soon as one faces a software complication or hardware damage issue, the first thought that crosses the mind of an individual is to replace the phone. This confusion, perhaps, is due to the time factor because phone repair may take longer compared to opting to purchase a new phone instead. However, this decision usually costs the individual a higher price.

A new phone vs. a phone repair option?

Will repairing the phone jeopardize the quality of my device? This is quite a genuine question to ask when someone opts for the repair option. Worry no more! iTouch Repair has been in business for over a decade, and it is known for a team of highly educated and trained professional technicians that can repair almost any issue and deliver the service on a timely manner.

Another deal breaker is the cost of getting the phone repaired. Depending upon the severity of the situation, a damaged iPhone or other smart devices can be fixed at a very affordable price. Whether it is about repairing a completely ruined LCD or digitizer screen, microsoldering the motherboard to bring back life to the phone’s software, iTouch Repair is equipped with every tool to address such issues.

More often than not when someone opts to buy a new phone, they end up compromising on the quality and brand of the phone. The reason is to cut down expenses! However, if you are opting to replace your phone, at iTouch Repair, you will find like-new and unlocked devices with a 30-day warranty which are provided by our high-quality vendors.

If you are still struggling to decide between to repair or replace your damaged phone, look no further, book an appointment online or visit us by walking in at one of the nearest stores so we can help you assess and decide which option is best for you. Either way, we got you covered!