Rear Camera Lens Repair

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Camera Lens Repair Services

Most of us use our smartphones to take photos and videos during various activities and events in our lives. We in turn share the same with family members, friends, relatives and colleagues.

Some of the photos and videos capture memorable events in our lives such as birthdays, weddings, and graduation ceremonies.

One small yet very important part that determines the quality of the photos and videos taken using your smartphone is the camera lens. It must be in a stable working condition for your smartphone to take photos or videos.

Caring for Camera Lens

From time to time, your smartphone camera may develop problems. This could be a hardware or a software problem. Most hardware problems in a smartphone camera can be traced to the lens.

Therefore, caring for the lens should be a priority. Here are two useful tips you should always follow:

1.  Always use a clean microfiber cloth to clean the protective layer on the smartphone camera lens. Do not use a tissue paper or any piece of cloth; they can cause damages.

Avoid anything that can introduce dirt, dust or sand on the lens.

2.  Never use any harsh chemicals when cleaning.  Even a simple chemical such as alcohol can eat away the lens coating. Moreover, if a small amount of liquid seeps into the camera, it may condense inside the lens and cause problems.

At other times, unavoidable circumstances can lead to problems too. A good example is when your phone accidentally falls down or you accidentally spill water or any other liquid on the phone.

This could even lead to permanent damages. If this is the case, you should not worry. We have the tools and the expertise to repair any aspect of your smartphone including the camera lens.

We offer both front and rear camera lens repair services. We can fix any problem in any smartphone. If we realize that the lens is completely damaged, we will replace it.

We Offer Professional Phone Repair Services

You can count on our phone repair services. We only use high quality parts for your smartphone and always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our technicians are highly skilled and very friendly. We fully understand the importance of your smartphone to you. We try our best to repair your smartphone in the shortest time possible.

Our other services include:

1. General Diagnostics

2. Screen repair or replacement

3. Battery replacement

4. Speaker repairs

5. Charging port and headphone port repair/ replacement

6. Restoration of water damaged phones and tablets

7.  motherboard reconstruction

and much more.

We are the go to place for professional smartphones, tablets and computer repair. Our skilled and friendly technical guys are here to help you no matter the problem.

We repair almost all the major brand smartphones, tablets and computers. Even if you don’t see a repair listed above, just give us a call. We will analyze the problem and advise you on the best way forward.

At iTouch Repair, we trust the quality of our repair services. That is why we confidently offer a 90 day and LIFETIME warranty on all of our repairs.

Our charges are also affordable. We do not want you to break your bank account to fix your smartphone, tablet or computer.

We look forward to helping you fix that problem. Feel free to give us a phone call on (703) 220-1222 or write to us.