Is your iPhone Suffering from Touch Disease

Has your smartphone become unresponsive to touch due to a fall? The iPhone series is one of the most demanding products in the marketplace. With demand comes defects as well.

Latest advancements in the iPhone’s software are both good and bad at the same time. Good because it brings in a new user-friendly interface with features like ‘one touch’, logic boards, Siri, and many others. Bad because the device becomes quite sensitive to an external force or injury.

iPhone culture has invaded a majority of the civilizations across the globe. iPhone is not just a product but a phenomenon in itself. Hence, any damage or software malfunction encountered by an iPhone user takes the CenterStage without a doubt.

The new vocabulary in the dictionary of iPhone enthusiasts is the epidemic called ‘Touch disease’. You can usually identify it by a touch-sensitive, frozen screen, broken phone. It also exhibits a few other symptoms, such as delayed response, data loss, and so on.

This epidemic and many other forms of damage to the phone is not just at the superficial but corresponds to the dysfunctional motherboard. Apple is aware of this ailment which continues to affect the device even after the latest software update.

Microsoldering Motherboard Repairs Or Damaged Iphones

Microsoldering repair, to correct the aberrations in the phone’s motherboard, is one of the diagnostics applied to phones suffering from the Touch disease.

People queuing up to repair their affected devices such as iPhones and Samsung Galaxy series are usually familiar with the term ‘microsoldering’.

The mobile phone repair centers attempt to fix broken iPhones or motherboards by using this technique by providing solutions in the form of professional microsoldering repair services.

Microsoldering is quite a sophisticated technique and is not mastered by very many. To offer iPhone microsoldering, a technician must have an excellent understanding of electronic components and the method and machinery for it.

In the majority of the cases, even a phone already considered unfixable, microsoldering motherboard repair technique have proven the diagnostic wrong.

iTouch Repair has the best equipment and the most experienced technicians who can fix a brutally damaged phone and bring about a 360 degrees restoration to the device.

iTouch Repair specializes in equipment tools to perform microsoldering in all device forms, such as iPhones, Android devices, iPad, laptop, and other electronic devices.

Getting a damaged phone repaired is undoubtedly daunting, albeit it is handled by a professional! If you’re facing such an issue on your device, you must book an appointment with us now.