iPhone 6 Review

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Over the years Apple has continued to show us cutting edge technology and seemingly amazing designs with the launch of the iPhones and the iPhone 6 is no different. Released back in 2014,September to be precise, this is an upgrade from its predecessor with improved performance, a larger screen and generally new software features, the model is able to stand out in the face of competition.

iPhone 6 Design

The new phone has a beautiful design with soft curves at the edges, a smooth feel and a dark glass front with an aluminum body. It has a 4.7-inch screen which is larger than the predecessor hence reliably better and weighs at 129g making it a bit heavier than its predecessor. The weight should not however discourage you as it is standard for many other phones at its caliber. It uses a Nano sim same size as its predecessor and is protected by an ion-strengthened glass. The phone comes in colors such as
Black, Slate, White and silver.

iPhone 6 Performance, Storage And Camera

It uses iOS 8 with new features and you can upgrade to IOS 11.2 and a chipset of Apple A8 which is quite powerful. Its internal storage can go up to 128GB and has a RAM of 1GB which is a bit low considering its competitors can well bypass that and produce phones of up to 3GB RAM. The rear camera still remains at 8MP despite being an upgrade from the previous model but with a more developed lens and sensor, the front camera stands at 1.2 MP. The latest model still has the face detection feature which is quite impressive. As for general performance let’s just say you can use this phone for almost all the tasks you would want to do in a phone, from heavy games to browsing to video editing and multitasking, it will not disappoint you.

iPhone 6 Battery Life And Price

The battery life of the phone is not better than what was expected but still very good, reliable and efficient. The battery lasts up to almost 8 hours before a recharge is required and is non-removable. The phone has a high speed WiFi ac standard and Bluetooth 4.0 LTE. It also comes with fingerprint sensors. It goes for a price of around US dollars. 449 and so cannot be considered as a budget phone, this is one of the disadvantages of the phone. However, once you own it the pros of the phone far outweighs the cons.

iPhone 6 Verdict

In conclusion, the iPhone 6 is a good phone and can be given 4-stars out of 5, reasons being as from 2014 new phones are generally coming out but it still finds a way to stand out which is really difficult in a competitive market with amazing Samsung, HTC and Sony smart phone brands being released yearly. It has an amazing user interface, great power and performance, superb design and not forgetting its ease in terms of handling. The only cons of the model includes its price which is quite expensive and hence not affordable for all and not to forget that although it has a good long lasting battery, the users expected more considering its rivals can out match them in terms of battery life.


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