Hacker Prevention: Reducing Your Risk in a Few Easy Steps

With a new corporate virtual data reality settling in, the US government now plans to hold some businesses legally responsible for the holes left open for a hacker to sneak in. You can be legally challenged by the FTC for not taking the required measures for keeping your data safe, so having policies and procedures in place to keep your data secure now, more than ever before, is a business imperative. In addition to investing in the latest software and most impregnable firewalls, there are a few other things you can do to keep your data safe.

How to Prevent Hackers

First, understand the threat. Take time to examine your structure and understand the points of entry a hacker might use to access your data and what data a hacker might target. Second, don’t save more data than you need. If you don’t hang on to customer’s credit card data, no one can steal it from you. Why spend money and effort to protect data you don’t need? Third, keep your software up to date. Viruses and malware mutate and change constantly. Every software update comes with enhanced protections against the latest versions of these plagues, so don’t fall behind. And, finally, foster a culture of security throughout your organization. Your employees are the gatekeepers of your data and, as such, should have excellent security habits and be able to recognize the warning signs of an attack.

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