4 Ways to Get Space on Your Drive Now

You just tried to download a movie and you got the dreaded “hard drive full” alert from your operating system. Is it time to purchase new hardware? Maybe, but not necessarily. You can easily free up quite a bit of space by doing a few simple things before you jump into a new investment. At iTouch Repair, we have many ideas for how to get extra space on a hard drive. Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

  1. Uninstall duplicate and unused apps and programs. Review a list of programs on your computer, sorted by size, and uninstall what you don’t need, such as outdated apps or duplicate readers.
  2. Run the disc cleanup program. Windows has a built-in disc cleanup tool that will delete temporary files and unimportant data files from your drive.
  3. Delete temporary files, downloads, and empty your trash and recycle bins. Once you’ve take care of this cleanup, enable the storage sense feature in Windows 10 that will take care of this for you automatically.
  4. Delete local copies of purchased music, tv shows, and movies. You can download them again when you want them.

If these actions don’t get you the space you need, bring your computer into iTouch Repair and put our experts to work increasing your storage space or installing a new drive.

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